The beginning

I began watercolour lettering when I forgot to buy a birthday card for my daughter. Overnight, I put together some presents, borrowed her watercolour paint set and made a birthday card. It simply said "eight"... but I formed the "g" into the number "8".

Simple I know and since then I have practised daily, watched tutorials on youtube, read books about lettering and found much inspiration from others to keep going. You can never learn enough!

It all began with my daughter's handmade eight birthday card!

Practise, practise....practise!

Regardless of your lettering skills, I cannot stress enough the importance of consistent practise! Not only does it encourage muscle memory for your writing hand but it really keeps the creative flow going. I certainly feel stumped for ideas when I haven't been frequently practising.

I've selected some images below so you can see my progress from August 2015 to present time. For some images I've included an updated version of the original when you click on it. I hope these encourage you to start lettering!